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Cow Pass is sleepy, but busy. It is mundane, but dynamic. It is an intersection of convenience. Importantly for us, it is an intersection of place and art; a focus on environment, perspective and identity; a focus on home.


artsmithsbda first explored this theme 21 years ago. This is a revisitation. (see Royal Gazette: The Smiths: Keeping Art in the Neighbourhood) How has the location changed? How have we changed? Certainly, our aesthetics have not- as we have maintained an interest in social environments and, in particular, our neighbours and immediate space.


Is Cow Pass (Khyber Pass) a microcosm of Bermuda? Is it fair for it be seen as such? Is it a metaphor- a reference to working class Bermuda and the values, interests, joys, and traditions that accompany this segment of society?


While seemingly following a tradition of painting the ‘picturesque’, our gaze prompts us to deviate with our focus, place and technique. We see this as an amazing opportunity for further exploration of a ready source and the consideration of trust themes such as integrity, connection, competence, and consistency. Where will the evolution from a rural space to a unique stop on an early tourist tour, and then to a neighborhood of mixed-use development, lead?

The following works are my contribution to the artsmithsbda exhibition:

16" x 16"each

each diptych 78" x 36"

duct tape 144' x 48"


acrylic and charcoal, 48" x 36"each

Gates have long featured in the art of Bermuda.  Although they are often depicted along picturesque roads and offering glimpses into beautiful private gardens and vistas, gates also represent denial and control.  Gates have also become associated with scandal and politics.  I use this familiar icon in this series of four paintings to represent local sites of resistance.


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