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Singing Gates

acrylic and charcoal, 48" x 36"each

Gates have long featured in the art of Bermuda.  Although they are often depicted along picturesque roads and offering glimpses into beautiful private gardens and vistas, gates also represent denial and control.  Gates have also become associated with scandal and politics.  I use this familiar icon in this series of four paintings to represent local sites of resistance.


The South gate at the House of Parliament was the site, on December 2, 2016, where protestors, claiming a lack of transparency by Government about the airport redevelopment project, were pepper-sprayed by Police officers.


The east gate of the Cabinet grounds was one of those used by thousands of protesting government employees in January 2015 in regards to the proposed extension of their voluntarily offered Furlough contribution.

‘Queen of the East’

'The Queen of the East' on East Broadway, is a site that received much protest over its planned and eventual demolition in January 2016. The building epitomized Bermudian 18th century architecture and, at the time, was the least altered of all of the original buildings on the Foot of the Lane waterfront.


The entrance to Southlands was the scene of protests throughout March 2007 over the proposed development of a new hotel on the last large undeveloped location in Warwick. The successful protest led to the eventual swap of land with Morgan’s Point.

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